Configure Exchange Online

This “Configure Exchange Online” IT Pro Challenge virtual lab will teach you skills essential for Systems Administrators. You will learn to work with the Microsoft online exchange. You will learn exchange online setup and administration. After completing this lab, you will have the skills necessary to manage your users’ email accounts.

1 hour
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Microsoft Office 365E is a powerful business enterprise tool for connecting employees. It brings together all the tools of Microsoft Office with enterprise mobility to connect users and added network security. Office 365 allows businesses to move seamlessly to the cloud and provides cloud-based software as a service capabilities. As a system administrator using Windows 10, proficiency with Office 365 is a must. Almost any business, regardless of field, will need the cloud to connect its employees.

The Microsoft Exchange server connects all your Office 365 users via email and calendar. Using the Exchange server, employees can share calendars, set up alerts for busy/free time and out of office notifications, and share important scheduling data with external partners. A well-maintained Exchange server is critical to a company’s ability to communicate internally and externally.

The Exchange server can be easily managed online, and the online Exchange interface offers administrators many tools for managing user email addresses. Some of the things you can do with Exchange online include managing out of office replies, sharing between internal users and external partners, and managing the Global address book. This lab will teach you how to setup Exchange online and how to administrate your users’ Outlook accounts.

Understand the scenario: You are a Microsoft 365 Administrator. You need to configure Exchange Online.

Understand the environment: This challenge has prerequisites and is part of the Microsoft 365: Identity and Services Challenge Series. In this challenge, you will use an Office 365 E5 tenant that you created in the “Provision an Office 365 R5 Trial Subscription” setup lab. You will need the credentials and the tenant domain you created in that lab for this challenge.

Configure Exchange Mailboxes:

The first step of this lab is to configure different features for the Outlook users. You will:

  • Configure an Out of Office automatic reply for a user.
  • Put a litigation hold on a user’s email account.
  • Add a MailTip to a user’s email account.

Configure Sharing Policies:

Next, you will set up sharing rules for your organization’s Exchange settings. You will:

  • Create an Organization Policy that allows information to be shared with an external partner organization.
  • Create an Individual Sharing policy that allows individual user information to be shared with an external partner.
  • Create an email trace to monitor email traffic between Outlook users.


Office 365 is becoming a vital tool for businesses to keep their employees connected 24/7 and stay competitive in an environment of remote workers and shared data. As a modern systems administrator working in Windows 10, you will have to be comfortable managing Office 365 accounts. One of the most important jobs you will have as a system administrator is managing your users’ email accounts. In particular, you need to know how to configure Outlook Exchange online.

Exchange online allows you to manage all aspects of your users’ email accounts. This hands-on lab will give you real-world experience in how to manage some critical features of Exchange users’ email accounts and prepare you for a career in IT.

In the “Configure Exchange Online” virtual lab, you will accomplish the following:

  • Configure settings for individual user email accounts.
  • Create organizational sharing policies.
  • Create individual user sharing policies.
  • Monitor email traffic between users.

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