Configure Application Insights and Log Retention for Web Apps

This hands-on experience, an IT Pro Challenge, teaches you how to create and test a Web Application in Azure and take advantage of its features to deploy sample code and enable application insights and service logs. The web application management skills learned in the lab benefit System Administrators, WebOps, and Cyber Operator career paths.

45 minutes
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This virtual lab will teach you how to set up, steward, and test an Azure Web Application. Work in this lab counts towards completing the Azure: Secure Data & Applications - Challenges Series. In this Configure Application Insights and Log Retention for Web Apps virtual lab, you will create the web application with sample application code from a Git public repository. Then you will configure Application Insights and Application Service Logs. You verify the correct implementation of both by generating web app events and viewing the results in Application Insights and Application Service Logs.

You will find it helpful to have worked in a Windows environment to take this lab, but it is not required. This lab guides beginners through hints and screenshots. It would be best if you planned on a full 45-minutes to complete this virtual lab. You cannot pause midway but can do the lab more than once. Upon launching the lab, you will log into Microsoft and get an Azure virtual machine with an allocated resource group and a step-by-step guide.

Knowledge gained in this lab will benefit learners on the System Administrator, Cyber Operator, WebOps Software Developer, Secure Software Assessor, Product Support Manager, Technical Support Specialist, or Software Tester career paths. You will know how to deploy, monitor, and get more information about a Web App, including diagnosing failed website connections. You also see how to use Azure reports and logs to investigate suspicious activities by drilling down to more details.

Understanding the Scenario:

You are a system administrator for a company that is migrating its primary web app from its datacenter to Azure. You need to create and deploy an Azure Web App that includes Application Insights and Log Retention, as a proof of concept. You test the configuration by using a sample web app.

Create an Azure Web App and Enable Application Insights:

In this lab exercise, you build an Azure Web App and enable Application Insights to monitor it. You may need to wait a few minutes for Azure to deploy the Web App resource. Creating a Web App on the Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) gives you the flexibility to scale up or down memory and availability, providing better value for the cost. You can also make your website more secure using Microsoft Azure’s resources. You can check for successful website creation, open the URL, provided in the Overview screen, on a new browser, and watch it load.

Deploy Sample Application Code:

You set up user credentials to FTP code to the web site and set up the developers’ environment, a Kudu build server connected to a Git repository. In this external repository, computer programmers submit their assignments. You will need to use the same username and password when configuring the FTP dashboard and external repository. To verify your work, you load the same URL you used previously on the Overview screen.

Enable Application Insights Options:

This section teaches you to customize Application Insights to manage Web app performance and troubleshoot any failures. You view live stream metrics as you open the web app successfully and unsuccessfully. Then you see reports on Web App use and performance issues. Finally, you analyze web app problems further, making use of more detailed views.

Enable Application Service Logs:

You turn on App service logs and options in this module. You also set up a Storage Account container that will keep log information for a specified period. You then perform some action on the Web App to generate data. You go to the Storage Account to see the latest events from the web app.

Application Service Logs looks at the web app from an infrastructure and networking standpoint, while Application Insights looks at web app metrics in detail.


When you finish this lab, you will have completed a unit in the Azure: Secure Data & Applications - Challenges Series, and will know how to use Azure’s Web App’s services towards successful creation and performance assessments. You will:

  • Create an Azure Web App and enable Application Insights.
  • Deploy sample application code.
  • Enable Application Insights options.
  • Enable Application Service Logs.

You will have the confidence to supervise a web app, from the very beginning of its life-span.