Perform a Network Vulnerability Assessment Using Nmap

The Network Vulnerability Assessment Using Nmap Advanced IT pro Challenge from Learn on Demand challenges students to perform a variety of network vulnerability scans in Ubuntu against hosts and machines. This requires the installation of Nmap, Apache2 packages, and configuring the Linux Uncomplicated Firewall(ufw) to block ICMP ping requests.

1 hour
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This Learn On Demand Pro Series is part of a Career Path: Become a SOC Analyst - Level 2


This advanced challenge is suited for students who are comfortable working with Ubuntu and Nmap in the terminal. Some background of networking and routing configuration on Linux systems is resourceful. The lab has a time limit, which should be sufficient even if you have to look up a few things in the Hints provided. Unlike guided challenges with specific hints, advanced challenges offer hints that link to documentation or similar resources. This is a good practice working through a task utilizing your knowledge, skills, talents, expertise, researching skills, and related documentation gaining hands-on experience on the tools and the software used. Lab completion will help students develop skills in installing Nmap and Apache2 packages, block ICMP ping requests on both the Linux machines as well as run a variety of port scans using Nmap tool, which is important for the Cyber Defense Analyst work role. You will also develop a solid understanding of routing, configuring, and blocking the ICMP packets through UFW in Linux machines. These are important for the Network Operations Specialist and Cyber Defense Analyst work roles. This lab is beneficial to students on the Cyber Defense Analyst career path.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Install Nmap and Apache2 packages, Configure ICMP Ping requests, Block ICMP Ping requests, Run Nmap scans.
  • Time limit: 60 min
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work roles: Network Operations Specialist, Cyber Defense Analyst


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