Assigning Admin Roles

The Assigning Admin Roles virtual lab, from IT Pro Challenges, teaches learners how to promote existing users in an administrator role with global or help desk access. Upon assigning expands technical support specialist and system administrator capabilities, as well as advances IT skills needed to manage an Office 365 tenant.

1 hour
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Learners will assign administrator roles, in this virtual lab, to users created from the Provisioning and Office 365 E5 Trial Subscription session, within thirty days upon completion. The Assigning Admin Roles virtual lab makes up a unit in the Microsoft 365: Identity and Service Challenge series. Completion will take thirty minutes should learners lack fluency with Office 365 administration.

Throughout the lab, learners gain hands-on experience administering and managing accounts, security, and accessibility. Participants use Microsoft’s 365 admin center and Windows PowerShell to promote users and to check the updated accessibility. This hands-on experience benefits system administrators and technical support specialists.


Learners will use the unique domain and tenant names, as recorded through the Provisioning and Office 365 E5 Trial Subscription, to complete this lab. As a person who previously initiated the Office 365 Service, the learner automatically enters this virtual lab as a global admin, with unlimited data and product privileges as designated by the trial service. Any other employees or guests, such as the ones added in the previous provisioning lab, take a user role without access to administrative tools and applications.

Change a Users Role:

In this exercise, learners use the pre-populated accounts, created in the Office 365 E5 Trial Subscription, to assign admin roles and to check the results. The Microsoft 365 admin center allows global administrators to add other global administrators, in addition to resetting passwords for all users and doing domain creation and management.

Microsoft help documentation recommends only having two to four global administrators, for necessary creation maintenance with minimal threats to security or opportunities for misunderstanding and mistakes. Learners double-check correctness of new global admin privileges by logging in and adding a group and a new user.

Manage Roles by Using Windows PowerShell

Exercises in this virtual lab use Windows PowerShell to assign a help desk role, a type of tenant admin, to an existing user. The learner will see Powershell has some strengths over the Microsoft 365 admin center. With the entry of one line, administrative access, requiring assignment, can be checked. Powershell provides the capabilities to add multiple users, simultaneously, to a particular admin tenancy.

Learners validate the promoted user has the correct administrative tenancy by testing capabilities they should and should not have. Helpdesk administrators cannot create a new user or move users into the Global admin role. However, they can reset a non-admin user password and force a non-admin to quit. By testing restrictions as well as permissions, correct administrative role assignments can be verified.


The Assign Admin Roles Challenge, a lab in the Microsoft 365: Identity and Service Challenge Series, provides hands-on experience in promoting a user to the admin role. The learner completes this task using the Microsoft 365 admin center and Windows PowerShell. Learners may wish to consider other labs in the series.

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