Analyze Web Traffic with URL Analysis

Learn to analyze web traffic with URL analysis. You will test and confirm IP Connectivity, create security groups that contain the virtual machines on which you wish to restrict traffic, create firewall policy and rules, and confirm the functionality of the new firewall rules.

30 minutes
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Note: Once you begin the Challenge Lab, you will not be able to pause, save, or exit and then return to your Challenge Lab. Please ensure that you have set aside enough time to complete the Challenge Lab before you start.

Understand the Scenario

You are a VMware NSX® administrator. You need to gain insight into web sites that are visited by users on the network. First, you will configure a Tier-1 gateway to use an edge cluster, and then you will create a segment for URL traffic. Next, you will enable URL analysis, and then you will configure context profiles to monitor certain types of URLs. Next, you will add a firewall policy and rule to monitor DNS traffic. Finally, you will generate traffic to monitored URLs, and then you will review the analysis results.

Understand Your Environment

You will be using a VMware NSX management appliance named You will be using a vCenter server named A Tier-1 Gateway and Edge Cluster have already been configured in the environment. A virtual machine named Ubuntu-02a will be connected to the URL segment and used to generate web traffic.