VMWare Certified Professional - Cloud

The VCP5-DCV (5.5) Practice-Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in VSphere 5.5.

21 hours 10 minutes
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The VMWare Certified Professional – Cloud lab is a Cybrary practice lab for students at the beginner level. The Cybrary practice lab will provide the student with the necessary platform to gain hands-on skills in VSphere 5.5. By completing the lab tasks you will improve your practical skills in installing and configuring vCenter server, configuring VMware ESXi, securing vCenter Server and ESXi, configuring vNetwork standard switches, configuring vNetwork distributed switches, configuring vSS/vDS policies, managing VMFS datastores, managing shared storage for vSphere, creating and deploying Virtual Machines, creating and deploying vApps, managing VM clones/templates, administering VM's / vApps, managing VMware clusters, implementing VMware fault tolerance, managing resource pools, patching management, troubleshooting and monitoring server alarms.

Skill/Activity Breakdown

Through the course of the VMWare Certified Professional – Cloud lab, the student will develop the skills to analyze data/information from multiple sources to prepare the environment, respond to requests for information, and submit intelligence collection and production requirements in support of planning and operations.

The VMWare Certified Professional – Cloud lab tasks are important for the system administrators who are responsible for setting up and maintaining a system or specific components of a system. The tasks include installing, configuring, and updating hardware and software; establishing and managing user accounts; overseeing or conducting backup and recovery tasks; implementing operational and technical security controls; and adhering to organizational security policies and procedures.

The VMWare Certified Professional – Cloud lab tasks are also important for the professional in charge of network services. This develops the skills of Installing, configuring, testing, operating, maintaining, and managing networks and their firewalls, including hardware (e.g., hubs, bridges, switches, multiplexers, routers, cables, proxy servers, and protective distributor systems) and software that permit the sharing and transmission of all spectrum transmissions of information to support the security of information and information systems.

The VMWare Certified Professional – Cloud lab, the participant will improve his/her knowledge of virtualization technologies and virtual machine development and maintenance as well as of virtualization products. It is also important for those in charge of conducting collection, processing, and/or geolocation of systems to exploit, locate, and/or track targets of interest; Performing network navigation, tactical forensic analysis, and, when directed, executing on-net operations.


The VMWare Certified Professional – Cloud lab is part of fourth career paths: Network Engineer Career Path, Security Engineer Career Path, Penetration Tester Career Path, and SOC Analyst Career Path. The VMWare Certified Professional – Cloud lab will help the lab participant to understand the objectives and competencies required by the VCPC550 exam.

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