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30 hours

Impress employers with your practical skills of the most commonly used server and storage systems in the IT industry. The CompTIA SK0-004: Server+ Virtual Lab will allow you to learn hands- on and stay ahead of the dramatically changing server environment.

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If you are determined to stay ahead of industry changes and demonstrate your ability to work with a variety of hardware, this is the ideal skill enhancement tool for you.

Technologies and trends such as virtualization, data centers, software-defined networking, security risks and network attached storage improvements are causing many IT departments to transform into data centers.

Professionals looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of server maintenance and support will greatly benefit from the CompTIA SK0-004: Server+ Hands-On Lab. Not only will this lab allow you to gain hands-on skills needed as a capable IT professional, but it will also prepare you to confidently ace the CompTIA Server+ certification exam.

Obtaining your CompTIA Server+ certification signifies that you possess the fundamental knowledge to plan, secure and maintain a variety of server equipment.

Topics of Emphasis

  • Installing an NOS
  • Configuring an NOS
  • Configuring Network Settings
  • Configuring Directory Services
  • Configuring a File Share
  • Configuring Server Security
  • Installing VMs
  • Configuring Server Applications
  • Monitoring Performance Backups

Practice Lab Specifications

Practice Labs are pre-configured hardware layouts with accompanying lab guides for fast, convenient access that make studying for an exam or learning new technologies an engaging experience. Develop your comprehensive IT skills in a safe, working environment without the need to invest in your own hardware and software.

  • Practical Training on the Latest Industry Technology
  • Real Equipment, No Simulations
  • 6 Month Unified Access Available on Any Device
  • No Hardware or Licensing Costs

System Requirements

Recommended Hardware:

  • Screen dimensions: 1920px x 1080px or higher (full HD or higher)
  • Processor speed: 2Ghz / multi-core
  • Broadband / Internet access requirements: 5mb download, 1mb upload

Minimum Hardware:

  • Screen dimensions: 1280px x 1024px
  • Processor speed: 1.5Ghz
  • Broadband / Internet access requirements: 2mb download, 256kpbs upload

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP with SP2/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2013
  • Linux Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE, Ubuntu
  • Apple Mac OS X


  • Internet connection minimum of 512Kbs
  • HTTPS Access (Port 443)
  • HTTP Access (Port 80)


  • Oracle Java version 1.7+ (If using our Java client)


HTML 5 Client

  • Microsoft Edge 13 or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or later
  • Chrome 29 or later
  • Firefox 45 or later
  • Apple Safari 9.1 or later

Java Client

  • Internet Explorer 10 or later

Note: For both client technologies, if you have a Pop up blocker enabled on your computer

you will need to allow popups from * as an exception.

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Certificate of Completion

Certificate Of Completion

Complete this entire course to earn a CompTIA Server+ Certificate of Completion