Align Your Training to the NICE Framework

Empower your team to strengthen organizational security by implementing customized training plans aligned to NIST's NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

Train Your Team

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) brings the interdisciplinary minds of government, education, and business experts together to prioritize cybersecurity training and professional development. Cybrary has mapped all content to the NICE Categories (7), Specialty Areas (33), and Work Roles (52). Exclusive to Cybrary for Teams, cybersecurity professionals can customize NICE-aligned training paths covering the specific knowledge areas, skills, abilities, and tasks associated with each cybersecurity workrole. Enable your team to train smarter to drive more effective, efficient, and sustainable outcomes.

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Mapping NICE-Aligned Training

Cybrary’s certification training courses, including CompTIA A+, Network+, CCNA, Security+, CySA+, CASP, CEH, and CISSP, are updated regularly with additional labs and practice assessments to focus on key cyber work roles and best practices, and are all aligned to the knowledge, skills, and abilities in the NICE Workforce Framework.

Cybrary for Teams

When you upskill your team with Cybrary, you enable them to confidently detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats and effectively protect your organization. Request a demo today to take advantage of Cybrary’s suite of learning activities and management tools, including hands-on practice labs, skill and hiring assessments, LMS integrations, timely threat-informed courses, custom guided pathways, framework-aligned content, and more.

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Mapping NICE-Aligned Training

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Investigate Cybercrime

Train investigators and digital forensics analysts to detect and analyze cybercrimes.

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Oversee Your Team

Ensure that leaders and managers can deliver the efficiency needed in the ever-dynamic world of cybersecurity.

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Protect & Defend

Give your defense analysts and incident responders the opportunity to quickly and accurately identify, analyze, and mitigate critical vulnerabilities.

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Operate & Maintain

Prioritize the training of your administrative, maintenance, and support staff to maximize IT and security performance.

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Provision Securely

Allow developers and architects to learn how to create more comprehensive security measures.

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Analyze & Develop

Train your team to develop better intelligence gathering and assessment practices.

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