Use EFS To Encrypt Files on NTFS Volumes
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45 minutes

Use EFS To Encrypt Files on NTFS Volumes - Guided IT Pro Challenge from Learn on Demand challenges students to explore and use encryption schemes for protecting data at rest using the Windows Encrypting File System. This requires learning cryptographic encryption mechanisms on Windows.

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This guided challenge is suited for students who are comfortable working with Microsoft Windows operating systems in the graphical use as well as a command-line interface. Some background of programming, cryptography, encryption-decryption schemes, and system utilities of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is resourceful. Guided challenges have specific hints, which offer links to documentation or similar resources. Lab completion will help students develop skills in configuring the guest environment to protect the data at rest. Students practice encrypting the files and folders at storage level using the GUI, creating an Active Directory user account using Windows PowerShell, and performing a test attempt to access EFS encrypted files. You will also develop a solid understanding of the Windows GUI used for handling encryption-decryption of files and folders at storage-level and using executable script-tools to perform the basic EFS on NTFS inside Windows machines.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Encrypt files and folders using File Explorer, Active Directory User Account, Windows PowerShell.
  • Time limit: 45 min
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work roles: Information Security Fundamentals, System Administrator, Network Operations Specialist, Cyber Security Engineer.