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The Windows PowerShell Getting Started Lab from Learn on Demand introduces the student to working with user accounts using Windows PowerShell. This will include creating and managing local accounts.

1 hour 30 minutes
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This guided lab is appropriate for beginning students who have some familiarity with Windows PowerShell. Once completed, the student will be able to configure group policies using various methods. The lab will take about 90 minutes to complete if you are not familiar with Windows PowerShell. This lab will help develop knowledge of scripting, which is important for the Exploitation Analyst work role. The lab will also help develop skill in performing automated systems analysis. This is part of developing skill in applying system design tools, methods, and techniques, which is important for Security Architects and Information Systems Security Developers. This lab develops fundamental PowerShell skills and will benefit most career paths in information technology. As you are working through the lab, think about how these basic tasks can be built upon to protect and attack systems.

NOTE: You may experience a failed install of Chocolatey during the lab. If this occurs, you will need to install Chocolatey manually. See for installation instructions.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Use PowerShell to create a user account, create and configure a NIC, sort and filter objects, use simplified and standard syntax, work with variables, and manage and schedule jobs.
  • Time limit: 90 minutes
  • Skill level: Guided/Beginner
  • Work Roles: Exploitation Analyst, Information Systems Security Developer, Security Architect