MS SQL Advance

Microsoft SQL Advance Test is designed to evaluate the knowledge of applicant in the area of writing effective SQL Queries. The test contains questions on topics like Transact SQL Statement, Stored Procedure, Truncate Statements, Triggers, etc. The test is useful for hiring SQL Server Developer, MS SQL Server dThe Microsoft SQL Advance Test is a pr...

20 minutes
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The Microsoft SQL Advance Test is a 20-minute exam intended for students at the intermediate level. Students who are familiar with query language such as SQL and can write scripts using SQL will find that the time required to finish the exam and pass is reasonable. Completing the lab will help students develop skills utilizing SQL to explore data and identify hidden patterns and relationships. They will also dissect problems and examine the interrelationships that appear unrelated between data. These skills are essential for the Data Analyst, SQL Server Developer, and MS SQL Server Developer work roles. The exam also ensures students can conduct queries and develop algorithms so they can analyze data structures, which is essential for the work roles of a Data Analyst, Data Administrator, and Database Application Developer.

Quick Info • Skills: SQL query language, write scripts using SQL, utilizing SQL to explore data, identify hidden patterns and relationships, dissect problems, examine unrelated interrelationships between data, develop algorithms, and analyze data structures. • Time limit: 20 min • Skill Level: Intermediate • Work roles: Data Analyst, SQL Server Developer, and the MS SQL Server Developer. Data Administrator and Database Application Developer.