Recover from SQL Injection Attack

After identifying a SQL Injection attack, students will learn about parameterized queries in back-end web servers to minimize future SQLi attacks.

1 hour 6 minutes
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This Cyberscore is part of a Career Path: Become a SOC Analyst - Level 3

CyberScore “Recover from SQL Injection Attack” Lab is a premium lab aimed at identifying a SQL injection attack. It is intended for Intermediate Level Students. CyberScore Lab will teach students how to parameterize queries in back-end web servers to minimize future SQL injection attacks. In this lab, students will learn:

  1. To use HTML to filter out potentially malicious code
  2. And use PHP to write several queries to recover from a SQL injection attack

Upon successful completion of the CyberScore “Recover from SQL Injection Attack” Lab, the student will gain a better understanding of SQL injection attacks and why they should be conducted as part of any penetration testing; namely, the fact that SQL injection attacks attempt to access databases, and within databases you want to maintain confidentiality, access, and integrity. CyberScore “Recover from SQL Injection Attack” will take approximately 1-hour to complete for most students.

In CyberScore “Recover from SQL Injection Attack” Lab students will gain knowledge of system and application security threats and vulnerabilities, such as SQL Injection, and learn how to recover from them. Students will also gain knowledge of diagnostic tools, knowledge of one method of ethical hacking, and one tool in penetration testing. This is a key skill as part of the Cyber Defense Incident Responder and will enable the student to be able to respond in a timely manner to an incident, be able to resolve it and be involved in business continuity and recovery options. Through the CyberScore “Recover from SQL Injection Attack” Lab students will also learn skills that are part of the Vulnerability Assessment Analyst work role and build to the ability to share meaningful insights about the organization’s threat environment as it relates to a SQL Injection attack. Through the CyberScore “Recover from SQL Injection Attack” the student will learn to put in place safeguards to stop a similar attack in the future, be able to review the changes, and test their effectiveness.

CyberScore “Recover from SQL Injection Attack” Lab is presented by Cybrary and was created by CyberScore. CyberScore is a premium, performance-based cyber skills training provider that helps people learn by doing actual examples of real problems encountered in the Cybersecurity field. CyberScore offers world-class skills, education, and knowledge in the realm of Cybersecurity. The CyberScore Labs, offered via Cybrary, is a great fit for anyone involved in Ethical Hacking, Penetration and Vulnerability Testing, and in Incident Response and Recovery.

CyberScore’s “Recover from SQL Injection Attack” is part of the Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Career Path, along with being able to complement the Vulnerability Assessment Analyst path. Through CyberScore’s “Recover from SQL Injection Attack”, offered by Cybrary, the student will learn the principles of a SQL Injection attack and how to recover from them and put in preventative measures to avoid another attack via looking at the security design.


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