CYBRScore's Phishing lab is a premium Cybrary Lab Intended for Intermediate level students and learners. CYBRScore's Phishing Lab teaches students how to conduct a Phishing simulation and assessment with the objective of generating awareness among users in order to let Vulnerability Assessment Analysts be able to visualize those areas and users that could be more vulnerable to a Social Engineering attack.

CYBRScore's Phishing Lab is targeted toward Vulnerability Assessment Analysts as well as future cybersecurity workers. Upon successful completion of CYBRScore's Phishing Lab, the student will be able to Create a Phishing exploit, observe how outside access and compromise is possible, be able to generate a Phishing awareness e-mail campaign. CYBRScore's Phishing Lab takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

In CYBRScore's Phishing Lab, students will be able to generate a Phishing exploit using SET (Social Engineering Tool) to conduct a simulated Phishing attack. Phishing is a key element in any cybersecurity awareness and an integral part of a Vulnerability Assessment Analyst tool set.

In CYBRScore's Phishing Lab, Students will be able to open the content of an email with a phishing attachment, download it and thus be able to observe the features and interactions with an open email session. Learning this process is key for all Vulnerability Assessment Analysts.

In CYBRScore's Phishing Lab, offers students the possibility to learn how to create an awareness campaign, review and tailor the content of the email that will be sent in order to be more effective among target users once the campaign has been launched.

CYBRScore's Phishing Lab is part of the Vulnerability Assessment Analyst career path. Completion of CYBRScore's Phishing Lab means that the student has learned and demonstrated the ability to craft a Phishing exploit, interact with the exploit, and create a Phishing awareness e-mail. Click on the lab to start learning a key cybersecurity skill.