Purpose of this lab:

This lab is a great way to practice basic command line tools in Kali Linux. The lab will walk you through the creation of multiple users, modifying permissions as well as management of users and groups within the Linux environment. Effectively learn to use the command line to create users and groups.

Why create multiple users?

Creating multiple users is a basic command, but necessary for all administrators. Throughout your career, it will often be necessary to provision users with different levels of permissions to the system. In addition, it may be useful to create a user for the sole purpose of installing a tool or piece of software.

Why modify permissions?

Similar to creating multiple users, modifying permissions may be necessary when users roles change internally or users are placed on a temporary hold. Knowing how to modify permissions keeps you in control of your system.

Why manage users and groups?

When you set different permissions and users, it may become redundant to continually change permissions for users. Therefore, by placing them in a group you save time and more efficiently give proper permissions to users. The Linux operating system, specifically Kali Linux are powerful tools that help a system administrator control various users and groups and keep track of the users with ease.

Summary: Linux users and groups is a fundamental skill for all users interested in penetration testing, digital forensic and system administrators. Start with this basic skill and build upon it and as you add more users and groups!

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