Linux Exploitation


The Linux Exploitation Lab from CybrScore will introduce the student to tools used for exploitation using Linux. The lab introduces several vital tools used for exploitation including BurpSuite, Metasploit, Python scripts, and Zenmap. You will also exploit vulnerabilities found while using the tools.

1 hour
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This lab is appropriate for intermediate students who have some familiarity with the Linux command line. Beginning students should also be able to complete the lab successfully, but it may require a bit more time. Once completed, the student will be able to use Zenmap, verify a vulnerability using Python, exploit a vulnerability using Metasploit, and use BurpSuite to exploit a vulnerability. The lab has 1-hour limit. This time will likely be enough for beginning students and should be more than enough time for intermediate students. This lab will help develop knowledge of penetration testing principles, tools, and techniques, which is important for many work roles (see the list below for all work roles). The lab will also help develop skill in the use of penetration testing tools and techniques. Working on the lab will help develop the ability to identify and describe techniques and methods for conducting technical exploitation of the target. This lab develops fundamental skills related to exploitation which will be beneficial to many career paths on Cybrary. This lab is especially beneficial to the Penetration Tester career path.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Perform reconnaissance and exploitation
  • Time limit: 1 hour
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work Roles: Knowledge - Information Systems Security Manager; Cyber Defense Analyst; Vulnerability Assessment Analyst; Software Developer; Secure Software Assessor; Authorizing Official/Designating Representative; Security Control Assessor; Research & Development Specialist; Skill - Cyber Instructor, Vulnerability Assessment Analyst; Ability - Exploitation Analyst, Security Control Assessor