Identifying System Vulnerabilities with OpenVAS

Students will scan a system in OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment) to discover and identify systems on the network that have vulnerabilities.

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This Cyberscore is part of a Career Path: Become a Penetration Tester

Identifying System Vulnerabilities with OpenVAS

OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment) is a web-based security scanner software that allows the user to scan, detect, and manage a variety of vulnerabilities in systems and networks. Commonly used with Kali Linux, the software provides solutions for found vulnerabilities within a network. OpenVAS is extremely convenient and popular for Security Administrators or professionals managing a multitude of networks. Employers are looking for trained individuals in this field as well as training internally for OpenVAS skill development. Typically, OpenVAS requires a lot of resources to run; however, with the CybrScore Identifying System Vulnerabilities with OpenVAS lab, you can learn to operate the software from your personal browser. In the CybrScore Identifying System Vulnerabilities with OpenVAS lab, students will scan a system in OpenVAS to discover and identify systems on the network that have vulnerabilities.

Importance of Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning and management is essential in many security job roles. Scanning and managing is an essential task in every organization and must be carried out on a regular basis for proper security maintenance. Scanning is the initial step to protect a network and management is the process of responding to the vulnerabilities at hand. With the CybrScore Identifying System Vulnerabilities with OpenVAS lab, you will learn to defend your organization and protect against outside and impending threats. OpenVAS is a popular open-sourced software that is used widely across organizations. A thorough understanding of this software demonstrates key skills organizations look for when hiring for administration roles as well as numerous other security roles. Start building your defense skills today and keep your organization's security safe and properly managed by learning with the CybrScore Identifying System Vulnerabilities with OpenVAS lab.

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