Centralized Monitoring

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1 hour

In this lab you will manually upload log data to Splunk. You will also configure Splunk and linux syslog to automate the process of centrally locating log data.

Join more than 2,500,000 IT & cybersecurity professionals, students, career changers, and more, growing their careers on Cybrary.

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Centralized Monitoring

Centralized Monitoring is the practice of remotely visualizing and analyzing data through various forms of technology. This is practiced to not only understand the data, but is useful in higher level functions such as noticing risks, keeping track of trends, and more. Effective centralized monitoring is an invaluable resource to the technical team in any enterprise organization.

In the CybrScore Centralized Monitoring lab, you will be able to test your knowledge, skills, and abilities in a virtual Splunk environment. The CybrScore Centralized Monitoring lab is an introductory Splunk lab that will walk you through the manual upload process of log data into the Splunk interface. Afterwards, you will learn how to automate centrally located log data through Splunk and Linux Syslog.

The Splunk tool is engineered for optimizing real time data. The tool captures and indexes data in real time which can be used to generate into reports, graphs, and other forms of translating data into meaningful insights. Its robust interface will allow you to compare various data sets, explore trends, and run efficient queries. As one of the most popular data visualization tools in the industry, the skill is a must have if you work or want to work in an enterprise environment.

The CybrScore Centralized Monitoring lab will lay the necessary groundwork for you to understand the fundamentals of centralized monitoring, whilst using one of the most popular tools in the industry to date. The CybrScore Centralized Monitoring lab is a great lab for any user interested in DevOps and/or Blue Team practices. If Centralized Monitoring, Data Analysis, and Risk Management are topics that interest you, this is a wonderful lab environment for you to enrich and showcase your skills.

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