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Cybrary Career Paths

Cybrary Career Paths are a guided experience to take you from zero knowledge to employed, experienced to transitioned, or industry veteran to management.

With courses, virtual labs, and practice tests all in one spot and taught at just the right time, you can stay focused on your career development.


"The career paths are well-structured. The virtual labs were incredible. Cybrary gave me the opportunity to build real, applicable skills."
"I encourage anyone interested in a career in cybersecurity to sign up for Cybrary Insider Pro. There's nothing out there capable of getting someone as job-ready as this program."
"I earned my CISSP within 60 days of signing up for Cybrary Insider Pro and landed a role conducting security assessments and penetration testing."
"I was able to earn both my Security+ and CySA+ in two months. I give all the credit to Cybrary."

New to Cybersecurity?

Here are some guided career paths specific for individuals like you!

information security fundamentals
Become a System Administrator Career Path
soc analyst 1 card
Become a Network Engineer Background

Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? Click here for guidance on where to start.

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Learn Through Courses

A Career Path contains a series of courses taught by Cybrary's community of instructors. Our instructors are subject matter experts, thought leaders, and industry veterans that deliver relevant, high-quality content.

Practice Your Skills

Every Career Path includes guided virtual labs chosen to give you real world experience in key topics you are learning. With unlimited access to the labs, you can practice until you're confident in your abilities, all in a safe environment that is accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

Ignite Your Career Today!

Assess Your Knowledge

Practice Tests give you confidence that you really know the material through standard questions and advanced virtual labs to test your skills.

Earn a Certificate

When you finish every course and complete the hands-on project, you'll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have no industry experience, where do I start?

Congrats on taking your first step into the industry!

We would recommend starting with Information Security Fundamentals for people exploring the industry.

From there, people usually jump into an IT role via the Become a System Administrator or Become a Network Engineer path.

I have some IT experience, where should I start?

If you come from an IT or similar background, then you can likely start at the intermediate level.

For people transitioning into Cybersecurity we would recommend:

From there, you should decide if you want to focus on Offensive (Red Team) or Defensive (Blue Team).



I have been in the industry for awhile. What are some advanced Career Paths?

As a well-seasoned veteran, the last decision is if you want to be a technology manager or a people manager.

For Technology Management:

Become a Cybersecurity Engineer

For People Management:

Become a Ciso

I want to explore Cloud Opportunities

Cloud can be explored at any level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

We currently have a Microsoft Azure Engineer Career Path. We are actively creating an AWS Career Path as well as a Cloud Architecture Career Path. Sign up to stay updated and know when they get released!

Do I need my own lab?

Nope! Cybrary is a platform of platforms, you don't need to spend time or money figuring out how to set up your own lab - all courses, virtual labs, practice tests and assessments can be done through your browser. Easy Peasy.