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Learning Tailored to Your Needs

Developed by cybersecurity and learning experts, Cybrary Career Paths are a guided experience of curated courses, interactive virtual labs, and practice tests that will help you build the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your next career move.

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New to Cybersecurity?

Explore Cybrary’s library of career paths geared specifically towards beginners. Click on a path below to get started.

Upskill at Any Stage of Your Career

Mapped down to the specific skill level you will need, our career paths are laid out in three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

All the Resources You Need to Succeed

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Follow curated training paths tailored to your specific cybersecurity role.

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Learn with on-demand courses taught by subject matter experts.

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Gain confidence and hands-on experience through virtual labs, with unlimited access.

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Get mentorship and guidance from a community of cybersecurity professionals.

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Assess your knowledge through practice tests.

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Earn your certificate of completion to share with your current or prospective employer.

Hear From Our Learners

"I got introduced to Cybrary and I was able to enroll and startup early last week, and I have gone through two sessions, getting to know Cybrary and also a view of what cybersecurity is from their perspective... That gave me an overall view of what jobs are found in the space, their general responsibilities, required skills, necessary certifications and their average salary pay... Cybrary has given me a greater reason to pursue my hearts desire at all cost."
- Jamal O.
"Glad to have discovered Cybrary they are such a great tool to use to help diversify your knowledge through lessons, assessments and practices. All compact[ed] into highly detailed and informative chunks of information. Feeling very content with the results."
- Temi B.
Cisco Certified Network Associate
"I am currently working in a restaurant and going to school full time. But it is not stopping me from working on gaining more and more skills. I have already spent more than 30 hours on Become a SOC Analyst level 1 [with] Cybrary and still have 67 hours to go."
- Abibou F.
SOC Analyst Level 1 learner
"Thanks to Cybrary I'm now a more complete professional! Everyone in the cybersecurity area should consider enrollment in any Cybrary courses. Let's go for the next one!"
- João S.
IT Administrator - CISSP

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