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The System Administrator Career Path is the perfect starting point for professionals with little background in IT or cybersecurity. Build your foundation of knowledge, skills, and abilities that will launch you into your next industry position.

Frequently Asked Questions

System administration refers to work where someone manages one or multiple systems including hardware, software, workstations, and servers. The goal of system administration is to ensure the systems are operating effectively and efficiently.

Putting it simply, a systems administrator is the first point-of-contact for a company’s network users when they have technical issues. For example, the system administrator ensures an office has a working Internet connection and that the mail server is operating correctly and emails sent and received by the staff are being processed within the organization. The system administrator is responsible for continually maintaining the organization’s hardware and software, installing upgrades when necessary, and troubleshooting any problems.

This is an ideal role for individuals who enjoy managing and troubleshooting technical issues and working with others, from entry-level employees through senior-level leadership. SysAdmins are typically intellectual individuals who are inquisitive and introspective. They also possess a methodical, analytical, and rational side, with a healthy dose of curiosity and practicality. They are good at working independently but also have the people skills to work well with others. If these qualities sound like you, then becoming a system administrator may be a perfect fit for you in the IT industry.

It’s safe to say that nearly all IT careers are in demand in today’s technology industry. Because technology is continually growing and advancing, more and more professionals are needed to fill key IT positions like system administrators. According to U.S. News and World Reports Best Technology Jobs rankings, computer system administrators come in at #8. The rank is based on various factors, including salary, job market, future growth, stress, and work and life balance. For those who love working with technology and people, being a system administrator is a solid choice with lots of growth potential.

This is an entry-level career path; however, the CompTIA IT Fundamentals course would be helpful to tackle some of the more advanced concepts.

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