12 Competencies of the Effective CISO

Learn the technical, management, and business competencies required to become an effective CISO in the 21st century

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Dr. Edward G. Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber and former CISO of AT&T develops insights into the twelve technical, management, and business competencies that are required to serve as an effective Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Frequently Asked Questions

They are: Innovation, Finance & Administration, Business Operations, Cybersecurity Expertise, Discretion & Trust, Public Speaking, Personal Productivity, Information Technology, Threat Insights, Balancing Compliance, Risk Orientation, and Team Leadership and Vision.

These competencies are shown to provide an excellent career development and learning roadmap for anyone desiring advancement in the enterprise security management field. Ed's lectures address the twelve insights with invited experts from the field offering their key insights and advice for participants.

No. This path is designed for working practitioners of enterprise security, at all possible stages of career growth, within business or government environments, who are either currently in management and leadership roles, or who aspire to improve their chances of promotion into executive roles, such as CISO.

Learners will develop the valuable insights and insider knowledge necessary to support (1) optimizing career success and performance in their current enterprise security management or leadership role, and/or (2) increasing their chances of successful promotion to a senior leadership position, including the CISO role, within their present or future organization.

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1 months to complete this career path

What Will I Learn?

Leadership and Management

Focused on program design and oversight. Covers project and program management.