TCP/IP is the communication standard that devices use to exchange data across the internet. Knowledge of core nThe Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment is intended for students of the Intermediate level. The Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment teaches students how to identify the IP Address of Host & Server systems, understand system communication with basic commands, understand MAC & IP Addresses, and DNS Configuration.

The Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment is targeted toward System Administrators and Technical Support specialists. Upon successful completion of Cydefe's TCP/IP Basics assessment, the student will be able to identify IP Addresses, Understand how to configure IP addresses, understand how IP connects to the router through the Subnet mask, and link the TCP/IP to the OSI Model. The Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment takes about 1 hour for most students to complete.

In the Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment, students learn about IP Address of the Host and Server systems. This skill is useful in knowing how computer talk over the internet. Internet Protocol is a key part of the System Administrator role and is built to help students understand system communication basics for good network practices.

In the Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment, students learn about System communication with basic commands. This skill provides knowledge of data breakdown points within a network by the use of certain commands. Using System communication with basic commands is a key part of the Technical Support Specialist work role and is built upon the ability to test network connectivity.

In the Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment, students learn about MAC/ IP Addresses. This skill is important as it provides the basic knowledge of identifying every system's unique identifier and how it works. Learning about MAC/ IP Address is a key part of a system security analyst role and is built upon the ability to identify each device on a network and to detect threats to the device.

In the Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment, students learn to configure DNS. This skill is helpful in resolving domain names to IP Addresses. This skill helps to identify how to call for IP Addresses using their assigned domain name on the network. DNS configuration is a key part of Network Operations Specialist work role and is built upon the ability to resolve domain name to IP Address.

Cydefe's TCP/IP Basics assessment is part of Technical Support Specialist skill. Upon completion of Cydefe TCP/IP Basics assessment, it means the student has understood how to identify the IP Address of Host and Server systems, knows System communication with basic commands, and understands MAC/ IP Addresses and DNS Configuration.

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