Cybrary Webinar

Technology Evaluations: Part III - Storage, Deception, and Analysis

Webinar Overview

Joining Cybrary for the continuation of his praised SOC series, SOC Expert Chris Crowley reviews the foundations of a security operations center and starts on the technology evaluation process and how to effectively build an operations center from the ground up. Chris answers top asked questions to provide context to the infrastructure and extrastructure that make up operation centers around the world. The final installment of the 3-part series covers:

  • Technology taxonomy
    • Security, Deception, and Analysis
      • Data Aggregation
      • Retention
      • Physical Control
      • Distruction
      • Honeypots
      • Forensics
      • Simulators
      • ... and more

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Chris Crowley
Chris Crowley
Consultant, Author of @MontanceĀ® LLC
Amanda Davi
Amanda Davi
Director of Communications @Cybrary