Cybrary Webinar

Reduce Risk: How to Combat Threats through Cybersecurity Development


Cybersecurity threats and the technologies and tactics used to mitigate their risk to your organization are constantly evolving. As a result, leaders face many challenges when upskilling their teams to stay ahead.

Join Kevin Hanes, CEO of Cybrary, and Jeff Schilling, Global CISO of Teleperformance, in a fireside chat where they'll cover:

  • What to consider when building a cybersecurity team from the ground up
  • The role industry frameworks play in implementing a successful cybersecurity training program
  • Predictions for the future of cybersecurity skill development
  • And much more!

View this session on-demand with a downloadable presentation, audio transcript, and more.

Jeff Schilling
Jeff Schilling
Global CISO @Teleperformance
Kevin Hanes
Kevin Hanes
CEO @Cybrary