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Cybersecurity Skills Gap Threatens Job Effectiveness Amidst Global Talent Shortage

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Research Paper

Cybersecurity Skills Gap Threatens Job Effectiveness Amidst Global Talent Shortage

In June 2020, Cybrary conducted a survey to assess the current challenges and perceptions of the oft-mentioned cybersecurity skills gap problem faced by IT and security teams worldwide. Key takeaways from the survey and recommendations for addressing these challenges are detailed in the full report. This report is free to the public, so request your report today. In today's remote work environment and increasing attacks, surprisingly about half of organizations are either decreasing their training budgets or keeping them the same, while shockingly 16% have no training budget at all. And while the data shows it’s clear security and IT professionals are committed to developing their skills, this survey shows limited progress from organizations in supporting employees and investing in their career development. The full report reveals many more unique insights into this pervasive skills gap issue in cybersecurity and IT.

Cybersecurity Skills Gap Threatens Job Effectiveness Amidst Global Talent Shortage

Detailed highlights from the report show:

68 percent of respondents report investing their own free time, outside working hours to improve their cyber skills;

Nearly 3 out of 4 respondents agree that skill gaps exist on their teams;

65 percent of managers agreed that skills gaps have a negative impact on their team’s effectiveness;

40 percent of individuals say they spend time working to learn new job skills every day, while another 38 percent reported at least once a week; and

46 percent of organizations do not confirm new hire skills for specific roles and 40 percent rarely or never assess the skills of newly onboarded team members.

“The industry is overdue for a wake-up call to address the IT and Security skills gap and talent shortage, especially as we enter a new era of remote work,” said Ron Gula, founder of Gula Tech Adventures and Cybrary Board Member. “This vision for attracting and retaining talent can only be fulfilled if organizations continuously invest in their employee’s career and skills development. By assessing existing IT and cyber training programs, organizations can finally begin to empower their employees to scale their current skills and ultimately, their careers.”

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