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Why Learn Cybersecurity

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By: Karim Bakhsh Amiry

June 1, 2020

Almost everyone around the globe uses the interconnected network, called the internet. Everybody plays a part here; for instance, many of the people have social media accounts. Some only use email services; still, others use online education and similar technologies. People share their most personal files over the internet, or send them to specific people, but is consideration given to securing those documents?” What would happen if, at any point, someone could access the data transmitted between the sender and receiver? What mechanisms and strategies are in place to avoid some terrible stuff from happening? There are sets of rules which govern the internet to make it secure, and that is called Cybersecurity. There are many aspects of this mysterious term, and in this topic, we discuss why someone should learn Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is an important domain of the tech world, so learning it will be highly valuable. The number of enterprise networks increases daily, and each of them needs to be secured. People all over the world are sharing their (personal) information over the internet, and they want that information to get safely and securely to the person meant to receive it. Companies hold their customers’ information, and that information is valuable to them as well as their customers. Neither the company nor the individual wants the information to be breached or lost. A Cybersecurity officer plays a crucial role in securing the networks that network professionals create, and the points mentioned above show that Cybersecurity is truly important and why we should learn it.

Looking at other aspects of this topic and doing a bit of research in the job market, we will realize that there are some of the most demanding and high-paying jobs which need knowledge in this field. For instance, some of the many jobs available are a Chief Information Security Officer, Forensic Computer Analyst, Information Security Analyst, IT Security Engineer, Security Systems Administrator, and Penetration Tester. Another surprising point, which is a cool thing regarding learning Cybersecurity, is that sometimes one doesn’t need to get a job! You may think, “What?!!!”. Once someone learns it and gets skilled in it, then he/she can have research and find bugs and vulnerabilities in applications, software, hardware, and things like these. Then he/she can report the findings and get paid for it. There are also CTF games (Capture the Flag), where there may be prizes for the winner. There are many fields of choice you can do as a source of income by learning Cybersecurity, which makes it incredibly awesome. Want to know more about IT and Cybersecurity jobs and requirements? Try an online course on the Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity.

Generally speaking, all of the fields in the tech world are kind of cool, but Cybersecurity is the coolest one. It can bring many changes in your personal life as well. Cybersecurity is an exciting domain that gives you extra bonuses after diving deeper into it. It enhances critical thinking because if you work as a penetration tester, you have to think outside the box in any situation. It makes one aware of how systems work internally and how those systems affect external things. All these things will end up being a better critical thinker. I think learning Cybersecurity gives you a new character. In addition to critical thinking, the security professional needs to be sociable, quick thinking, hardworking, patient, and knowledgeable. These points are how it can influence one’s character, as well as one’s personal life.

Summing up all the words over the previous paragraphs, we come up with three main reasons to learn Cybersecurity. First, it is essential in any enterprise, which leads us to the second point. Second, you could get a financially rewarding and high-paying job along with a critical role in your workplace. Third and last, one changes from the inside out once you learn it by your heart and go deep into it. To start learning Cybersecurity, CompTIA Security Plus is one of the most highly recommended certification courses for beginners in this area.

Online classes has always helped people from all over the world learn IT and Cybersecurity at their own pace. There is a wide range of courses which you can browse by searching online. Go ahead, search for what you are interested in and get started learning.

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