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Why Is It Important to Have Employee Training

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By: Ravi Raj

September 25, 2020

It is typical that companies hire people based on the skills that they possess. But still, there is a lot that a new hire or an existing employee needs to learn and train themselves to align with the work culture and adhere to a company's values and standards. Besides, they need to be trained about the company policies to ensure they are not a weak point in a company's cyber posture, which may be exploited via social engineering. From a technology perspective, organizations need to keep on upgrading to match the fast-changing technology landscape, and so do their employees.

In addition to having technical skills, employees need to understand End User Cyber Fundamentals. Employees are the most exploited vulnerability as they are a path to break into a secure enterprise environment protected by layers of security controls. The effectiveness of these controls calls for adequate and timely employee training. Often, attackers employ social engineering tactics to convince employees to reveal their credentials and other Intellectual property of an organization, thus making their job easier. Employees need to understand their organization's risk framework and how they are integral to it. Like email phishing, social engineering attacks are here to stay, so organizations need to assess their defenses to ensure they are optimally protected. Are they ensuring End User Email Security and protecting themselves?

With the technology landscape changing faster than ever, the coolest technology of yesterday quickly becomes obsolete. Are employees up to the task of upgrading themselves to maintain their value? With many companies moving to a cloud-first strategy to save money, employees need to have a basic idea of cloud and how technologies are implemented efficiently. With various cloud offerings out there at a reasonable price and save the pain of maintenance, cloud-based technologies are here to stay. More and more organizations will shift to various cloud offerings, calling for essential employee training within this domain.

Data is considered the new currency of the modern world. Organizations are implementing ways to efficiently use data to find meaning from it, which may benefit the business. This calls for understanding the data better using data science. Employees need to be trained on data science and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning-based skills as it will ensure that they are doing their work more efficiently and using these technological enhancements to add value to the business. Data science and AI/ML-based skills will become integral for employees, and so will the need for quality training on these subjects.

Cybrary is a great place to get started and is a one-stop-shop for employee training, which covers an exhaustive range of subjects, from essential security training to the latest technologies. There is one certainty: that thrive are those who are securing and managing their data in the most efficient way and keeping up with technology advancement. So are you up to the task of employee training and maintaining the best workforce suitable for your business?

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