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Why is Cisco Certification Important?

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By: Matt Choi

June 15, 2020

Often, you’ll find that it’s the candidates who have IT certifications on their resume, which make it past the initial screening. Job recruiters may use this information to narrow down their lists of candidates and in deciding who they will call for an interview.

Currently, the information technology industry is overflowing with open positions, and there are not enough qualified IT professionals to fill them. Perhaps that’s because it’s it can be daunting to break into the industry. While the rewards are high, job security, and higher than average salaries, you do have to set yourself apart from other candidates and stand out to be noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.

Earning Cisco certifications is a way to do that. Cisco Systems, Inc. is a tech corporation that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, and various other technology products and services, specializing in routing and switching products. To support Cisco’s products, the company developed a certification program that validates IT professionals’ knowledge and skills related to its hardware and software networking solutions.

For professionals in the IT industry, earning certifications is essential to their careers. There are numerous reasons why having Cisco certifications is important. First and foremost, it improves the perception that potential employers have of you. Additionally, it will benefit your career overall.

How Do Cisco Certifications Improve Employer’s Perception of You?

Getting your foot in the door of the organization you want to work for can be challenging. Here are some of the ways that having Cisco certifications will positively affect recruiters’ and hiring managers’ perceptions of you:

  • You’ll stand out from other candidates. Employers want to hire employees who are determined, who show initiative, and who have the endurance to complete important tasks. Earning certifications demonstrates all of those things, as well as the fact that you have the skillset they are looking for. This will set you apart from your noncertified counterparts.

  • You’ll have the respected endorsement of Cisco. While your resume may list the technical knowledge and skills you have, an industry-standard certification from a respected company like Cisco proves that you do. Essentially, your certification is an official stamp of approval from one of the leaders in the industry.

  • You’ll prove your commitment to your career. Earning certifications shows that you are committed to staying updated on new technological advancements, continued education, and your career. These are attributes that are especially important in the tech industry.

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How Do Cisco Certifications Benefit Your Career?

The benefits of certifications go far beyond job seeking and the hiring process. Here are some of the benefits you’ll appreciate long-term:

  • Strong technical knowledge – No matter which Cisco certifications you’ve earned, CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CCDA, or others, you have gained solid technical knowledge and skills along the way. The process of training for and attaining certifications is real-world experience and knowledge that you will take with you throughout your career.

  • Favorable non-technical skills – It isn’t solely technical skills that you will learn through earning Cisco certifications. You will also learn critical non-technical skills that are important to employers. Things like critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication are all skills that are highly sought-after by employers and a real benefit to you and your coworkers.

  • Advancement opportunity and higher earning potential – IT professionals with certifications are in-demand right now, worldwide. Whether you are looking for new job opportunities or your goal is to advance within your current organization, Cisco certifications can help you get there. More and more organizations are requiring candidates to have certifications to be eligible for hire, and Cisco credentials are often on the list. Additionally, employees who have vendor-specific certifications, like Cisco, typically earn higher salaries than employees who don’t. The IT industry as a whole has great earning potential; when you add certifications, it can be very lucrative.

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