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Why I Should Study IoT

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By: Michael Cunningham

April 3, 2020

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, Alexa, Bixby, Cirri, are all part of the Internet of Things. Each of these has one thing in common, and they are all connected to the World Wide Web using WIFI or Bluetooth. There are hundreds of other objects that are "smart." The wonderful world of the Internet of Things. All to make our lives quicker, easier, and connected. The new wild west of the Internet. It is a gunfight between consumers, hackers, money, and security. But it is nice to have the car and house warm on a cold winter night, by just telling a smart device. Good and bad.

Why should I care about IoT much less study it?

Anything, and I mean anything built to compute, communicate, calculate on the Internet is insecure! It will be hacked! There is nothing that can't be hacked; this has been proved. You ask if that's the case, why study IoT. Lawsuits have just started because of a lack of security in IoT devices. Because our goal is to slow the hacker down, make it harder to break in, like putting bars on the windows (The nice decorative iron ones) of your home, you put a decorative iron screen door and an alarm system. It only slows the theft down. Make him go down the street to the house with no lights on and all the windows open. I don't want my children to be watched and talked to through an IoT device. Even worse, the watcher or other smart thief walks in the front door without the alarm going off. Today, the study of IoT is growing faster than most of the other computer fields. Also, the wages are growing to draw the best people to it in order to be on the cutting edge of science just a few years old and to quickly become the best in a growing industry.

What will I learn, is it hard?

"Alexa, order that Timex for my wife's birthday." This is a very simple statement but opens your Amazon account up to hackers. All the hacker must do is access your WiFi. Once a weakness is spotted, half the battle is won. To learn the foundations underlying IoT, you will gain basic knowledge of:

  • Networking
  • Configuring devices
  • Programing of the devices
  • How to make the devices secure against hackers.
  • How to fix the hardware

By studying these topics you can become a knowledgable IoT subject matter pro, not just someone who talks about it after seeing a news report about someone's bedroom camera being hacked.

What do I get out of it?

There is IoT every day in magazines, TV ads, and of course, on the Internet. Well, if you learn to secure the IoT device, the IoT network you are protecting your family as well as adding dollars to your wallet. You can specialize in the security of the IoT as a new career direction, or you can do it to make yourself and your family safer in your own home. No matter which you decide is your reason for it. Enroll online and get the chance to do labs with courses that are built for the real world, not the classroom.

From the basic hardware course. To the advanced Information Security ones. The IoT courses are also a great foundation if you're new to Cyber Security. Information Security is outgrowing itself. As it stands, the field has 250,000 more openings than bodies to fill it. It is not a field that you walk in the door and get hired. You do have to have a secure learning base to prove your knowledge to prospective employers, as I mentioned before. Hardware Repair (A+), basic System Security (Sec+), and Networking (Net+) are good places to start to learn about the IoT. Test the waters. Will I like working in the IoT field? What better way than take an online course to find out.

So, to wrap up for now. The study IoT is smart, smart for you, your family, friends, and the world. The field is wide open, and you can learn while it is new and enjoying rapid growth. Soon you will be the expert of IoT. Please visit again and read my blog about "Can I study IoT alone?"

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