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Who Can Learn IoT?

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By: Michael Cunningham

June 4, 2020

Just who can learn IoT? Wow, that, to me, is a loaded question. My first idea is anyone. But, that doesn't fit this blog. I am not trying to add some humor to the blog. I remember my community college days. My college had a program that allowed high school students to take courses for credit. We had one 16-year-old young lady in most of my computer science classes. Three days a week, there she was sitting in the front row. I can not remember the day she missed it. To her, 95% on a test was almost a failure. Everyone commented (in good terms) about how good she was with math and the IT courses until she took midterms. She ran into a brick wall. It was like she forgot everything she learned in every class. She had put so much importance on the midterms and finals tests. The pressure made her mind freeze up. She ended up with a 45% on the midterm tests. It was not one class but all of them. One instructor had an idea and was able to pinpoint her problem. He and all her other instructors got together, broke the tests into parts, and spread them out for two weeks. She was great on them all because her mind did not place all the pressure on her. Yes, you can learn IoT. Simple isn't it.

Can I learn IoT? Now more pinpointed is, why not you? You know how to use a computer. You proved that by logging onto this blog. You proved it to me, anyway. Now is the time to show it to yourself. Start with one of the natural areas of IT. That being A+ certification, the study of the computer system hardware and of the software that makes them do what they do. Once you get these basic things down and pass a few quizzes, you will be off and running. A+ will get you an excellent foundation of the future knowledge you will need. Now onto the next step, which to me would be networking. Computers will communicate with each other. Yes, there is some study time commitment to both of these subjects. But, remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is an IT career. I am sure once you are comfortable spending a certain amount of time to study during the week and keeping the promise to do it, you can learn IoT.

How do I start? Well, if you ask me, it appears you already have. You're reading this blog proves it. You don't need a push because you decided to explore IoT. Now is when the hard work starts. Finally, find the right educational course to fit your lifestyle and work schedule. With modern work and life, sometimes life gets out of control. You have got to be willing to meet in the middle with the course you pick. If you know you meet the boys on Friday nights, then consider that. When you find a class that fits, see if they give you some free access to determine if it suits you. Does the instructor talk 10 feet over you and make you feel as though you will never fit? Forget that class and find another. In this case, you are the center of the universe. If someone tries to force a round peg into a square hole, it is not for you. Don't be afraid to try out 3 or 4 courses or instructors. Find one course you can meet in the middle. Time factors must be considered. I will end this with something I said in an earlier blog. It just matters what you want deep inside, and how do badly you want learn it. That's what's important!

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