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Where To Learn Cybersecurity Online?

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By: Karim Bakhsh Amiry

July 21, 2020

Many things are getting, or about to get, technological around us. When the matter of technology pops out, one of the most important things that are worth considering is Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a vast field, which does not only have fans among IT workers, but most non-IT workers are interested in it as well.

There are two significant ways in which one can learn Cybersecurity. Joining learning academies is what most people do to become skilled in it. Some other people, however, cannot allocate time for learning academies, so they are seeking online resources and platforms to acquire these skills. Learning online can be challenging initially, especially if you are not sure where to start your online learning. This topic outlines some points on where you can learn Cybersecurity online.

Online Courses

Online platforms, offering short specialized and non-specialized courses, can be the first choice for Cybersecurity online learning, which can be either free of charge or paid. Online courses are, just like the real classrooms, enhanced with video, audio, images, texts, and interactive environment.

As everything has pros and cons, the advantages of online courses are that they are not time-bound or location-bound, and they can provide a real classroom experience using an interactive environment. So, one can learn anywhere, anytime he/she wills to do so. Individuals can join discussions, do assignments, and complete projects at their convenience. They are not real-time, which means materials are recorded and saved somewhere, and one can access them anytime. This can be counted as a disadvantage, though. Taking online courses can be useful for anyone, from beginners to professionals. You can take one right now!

Online Universities

Universities offering online degrees, which are paid, can be another alternative for learning Cybersecurity online. Universities have realized the importance of and need for distance learning. So, those who are capable are offering online degrees for different fields, including Cybersecurity. There are online degrees offered by the world's most prominent universities. There are bachelor's, master's, and even Ph.D degrees available online, so those who seek an online degree rather than short courses can enroll in one as they wish.

Talking about the positive points of this method, it should be remarked that joining online universities can be a novel experience as they have their own professional-looking Learning Management System (LMS). Their LMS offers students a wide variety of tools, resembling real classroom interactions. For instance, video calling, chatting, forums for discussions/questions and answers, real-time assessments, and more. Using the aforementioned tools and features, universities make themselves sure of students' learning and contentment.

One-to-one sessions

Another option, for those who want to learn Cybersecurity online, is one-to-one sessions. This method is more like a dedicated classroom to an individual learner and paid hourly, most often. Some websites offer these kinds of services. Individuals will have a real-time learning experience, having discussions, asking questions, getting answers, and more.

There are some pros and cons to this method as well. Students are learning from the industry's professionals with a high level of experience, 25 years, for instance. The tutor/instructor is allocated for one student at a time, so there will be more focus on the learning process. However, it is not a seemingly good method for those with interpersonal learning style preference, and it is also highly cost-ineffective.

Websites for Hands-on Practices

The last alternative can be more of a source for practical things, but that is where the learning happens. There are some websites one can access for practicing Cybersecurity skills. These websites provide people with step-by-step challenges to enhance their skills within Cybersecurity. Individuals can utilize the real-time experience of applying their skills as the challenges are designed in highly astonishing methods. This will prepare one for the real-life application of his/her skills.

The conclusion that we can reach from all the aforementioned points is that there can be four effective places where someone can learn Cybersecurity online. First, one can refer to online courses. Second, seeking an online degree from one of the world's well-known universities can be a good choice. Third, any individual can enroll in a one-to-one session for learning Cybersecurity. Fourth and last, websites offering hands-on practice can be a choice for learning Cybersecurity online.

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