Earning a Microsoft Certification can help you land a new job and set your career on your desired path.

Some may think that a Microsoft certification is only useful in the IT world or in roles where someone works with Excel. But, professionals with a Microsoft Certification excel in a variety of industries across all levels.

What Jobs Can I Get With A Microsoft Certification?

Students can earn a variety of Microsoft Certifications in skills that range from command line basics to Excel.

There are several career routes you can take as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

Commonly, Microsoft Certifications are associated with developers. Developers use the skills they gain with a Microsoft Certification to design, build, test, and maintain cloud solutions for their company. Developers can build Microsoft Apps, create software, create and support systems, and code.

There are a few IT professional career paths an MCP can take: a Windows Administrator, a Network Manager, a Systems Administrator, a Systems Engineer, an IT Support Engineer, or a Technical Consultant.

A solutions architect can use their database certification to ensure their workforce has the right storage for data and documents, as well as ensure the company’s data has proper security.

A functional consultant would use the skills from their certification to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to anticipate and plan for their customer needs.

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Those who want to go the finance route, they can receive certifications in Excel and work in roles such as a Dynamics 365 Finance Functional Consultant. In this role, an MCP would unify the company’s financials, automate tasks, and streamline customer ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting.

For all finance professionals, understanding every shortcut and formula Excel has to offer can help them quickly complete projects, better analyze large data sets, and provide better insights into their company. Earning a Microsoft Certification can help hone those skills and signal to employers you’re more than proficient on the platform.

For professionals seeking a role in a corporate company as a coordinator or office manager, the core functions of the role would be scheduling, phone calls, and help operations run smoothly. However, if the coordinator can also assist in making presentations stand out and help crunch numbers -- all skills a professional can gain through a Microsoft Certification -- they increase their value to the team. Executive assistants can also benefit from earning a certification.

After receiving a Microsoft Certification, professionals can also enter the field of research as a research analyst, who may use Excel to compile and analyze data.

Students could also become a teacher. After becoming an MCP, become a trainer. A Microsoft Certification Trainer teaches others how to use Microsoft’s programs best. This role can be through websites such as Cybrary, or university campus, or working with a company to train other colleagues.

Which Microsoft Certification Should I Get Based On My Career?

Depending on their career path, students can choose specialized Microsoft Certifications to best fit their dream job’s qualifications.

For developers, certifications such as Command Line Basics can help show your aptitude in a coding language.

For system administrators, Installing and Configuring Windows 10 would help them understand how to install the program on their companies computers. Microsoft Windows 10 MD-100 is another reliable choice for administrators looking to configure, secure, manage, and monitor devices and applications in an enterprise environment.

For more corporate or finance roles, such as an executive assistant or coordinator, earning the Intro To Excel certification can help advance their career.

How Do I Earn A Microsoft Certification?

Professionals become more attractive to employers once they obtain a Microsoft Certification. Even if you’re working full time in another field, you can earn your certification online through a comprehensive program offered through Cybrary.

Cybrary offers on-demand courses for students to obtain a variety of Microsoft Certification courses. Each course is broken down into smaller, digestible modules that help students take the course at their own pace. Some students with amble free time can finish a program in a weekend or over a week. Others break it up over a few weeks while juggling life’s demands. Students can customize how quickly they complete the course to their needs.

After successful completion of the course, students will receive a certification from Cybrary.

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