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What Is CRISC Certification?

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By: Cybrary Staff

January 14, 2022

For IT professionals, it’s important to improve their skills continuously. Numerous information technology certifications are available from various certifying entities to help IT professionals advance into promotions or better positions. The Certified in Risk and Information Systems (CRISC) credential, awarded by ISACA, is a vendor-neutral certification designed for mid-career IT and IS risk, audit, and security professionals.

What Is the CRISC Certification?

The CRISC certification is considered one of the most up-to-date and challenging assessments available to evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in enterprise risk management. Professionals with the CRISC credential help their organizations understand business risk and have extensive technical skills to implement effective information security controls and procedures.

Who Should Pursue CRISC Certification?

Any individual who manages an enterprise’s IT risks and controls will benefit from earning the CRISC certification. Additionally, professionals in the following roles would do well to consider this certification:

  • IT professionals
  • Risk professionals
  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Control professionals
  • Compliance professionals

The CRISC certification is a mid-career credential, which means work experience is required to be eligible to take the certification exam. It is not designed for entry-level IT professionals or those with limited work experience.

How Do You Get CRISC Certified?

There are specific steps that professionals must take to become CRISC certified. They are as follows:

Gain the required work experience in IT risk management and information systems control. Candidates for the CRISC certification must have at least three years of work experience in at least two CRISC domains, with one being either Risk Identification or Risk Assessment. There are no experience waivers, and work experience is verified.

Pass the CRISC Certification Exam. Candidates must take and pass the official CRISC certification test.

Submit a completed CRISC Application for Certification. Candidates who have passed the certification exam must submit an application that shows they earned their work experience within the previous ten years or five years from passing the CRISC certification exam.

Comply with ISACA’s Code of Professional Ethics. Certified professionals must maintain ISACA’s personal and professional conduct standards to keep their certification in good standing.

Earn Continuing Professional Education Hours. The Continuing Professional Education Policy requires that CRISC certified professionals have at least 20 hours of CPE per year and at least 120 hours during the three years their certification is valid. There are also mandatory annual maintenance fees.

What Is Covered on the CRISC Certification Exam?

The CRISC certification exam covers four domains, as follows:

IT Risk Identification– This domain tests knowledge of identifying potential risks and their effects on a business, who the stakeholders are, and organizational risk tolerance. It accounts for 27% of exam questions.

IT Risk Assessment– This domain covers the process of developing a security assessment program. It also focuses on testing controls and reporting results to leadership and other stakeholders. It accounts for 28% of exam questions.

Risk Response and Mitigation– This domain covers the development and implementation of risk responses and controls to mitigate exposure. It includes evaluating the overall effectiveness of threat response and restoring an organization’s processes to normal. It accounts for 23% of exam questions.

Risk and Control Management and Reporting– This domain covers the requirements of continuous monitoring of risks and controls and the overall effectiveness of risk management strategy and its alignment with business goals. It accounts for 22% of exam questions.

The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions that test-takers must complete within four hours. Candidates must earn a score of at least 450 (on a scale of 200-800) to pass. The CRISC exam cost $575 for members of ISACA and $760 for non-members.

Prepare for the CRISC Certification Exam with Cybrary

Demonstrating your knowledge and skills in risk and information systems controls will enhance your career and increase your earning potential. If you are interested in earning your CRISC certification, thorough preparation is critical to passing the official exam successfully. It will take time, effort, and experience. Cybrary is here to help with our CRISC training course. The course, along with our virtual lab and practice tests, will ensure that you are prepared to take and pass the certification exam.

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