The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) credential from ISACA is an enterprise-level risk management certification popular among IT professionals who work, or want to work, with identifying and implementing information system controls and risk management. The CRISC certification requires work experience with knowledge of corporate risk and the design of risk-based system controls. It is a leading certification for professionals who want to become prepared for mitigating real-world threats using tools that evaluate and manage risks.

The CRISC is a globally recognized credential that is often the first choice for organizations to fill risk management and other related positions.

How Much Does a CRISC Certified Professional Make?

According to the latest report from ZipRecruiter, the average yearly salary for a CRISC certified professional in the U.S. is $132,266. Salaries currently range from about $90,000 to $192,000 throughout the country. One could earn a higher salary depending on factors such as years of experience and living in a big city.

What Are the Best Jobs Available for CRISC Certified Professionals?

The CRISC certification demonstrates expertise in system control and risk management areas. There are numerous roles within the IT and cybersecurity industries in which a CRISC is beneficial. Here's a list of some popular jobs for CRISC certified professionals:

  • Enterprise Risk Manager– This position is responsible for developing and implementing controls that allow risk assessment and management.

  • Information Security Analyst– In this role, professionals are responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of information. Typically, information security analysts perform comprehensive analysis and evaluate variable risk factors to strengthen control environments.

  • Cyber Risk Specialist– In the cyber risk specialist position, professionals are responsible for managing cyber-related business risk.

  • IT/Information Security Auditor– An IT or IS security auditor is responsible for conducting audits to assess system processes, test security effectiveness, and make control recommendations to mitigate risk.

  • CISO and CIO– Chief information security officers and chief information officers often need the skillset of a CRISC certified professional. The CRISC highlights a professional's ability to assess an organization's risk tolerance and provide a balance between security controls and budgetary operations, which are abilities that benefit professionals in CIO and CISO roles.

  • Project Manager– Project managers must assess and mitigate risk with every project.

  • Compliance Officer– Compliance officers often focus on legal compliance and governance, essential areas of the CRISC skillset.

  • Business Analyst– CRISC certification can validate the skills of business analysts in balancing the need to protect the organization from risks by implementing controls while maintaining daily operations and budgetary limitations.

The above are only a handful of typical jobs related to the CRISC certification; more are available in the U.S. and worldwide. Fortunately, the job outlook for most IT positions is both favorable and lucrative. Work in this industry is among some of the best paid globally.

Are You Ready to Become CRISC Certified?

As more personal and professional data is entered into digital platforms, we will see more risks, threats, and data breaches. That means there will be a more significant demand for IT professionals who can prevent and mitigate risks for organizations.

Experienced CRISC certified professionals are highly regarded, have a nearly unlimited job and advancement opportunities, and earn some of the highest salaries in the nation. The first step to becoming CRISC certified is gaining work experience. To take the CRISC certification exam, you need three years of relevant experience. Once you have that, you are ready to prepare for the official certification exam.

The CRISC certification exam is rigorous, but with the help of Cybrary's CRISC training course, you will gain all the knowledge needed to pass the exam. Our courses are all self-paced, which means you can tailor your studies to your schedule. Additionally, the CRISC course is available online for you to access the course material anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. With one of our certified subject matter experts, you can prepare for the CRISC certification exam and earn your credential – and a great-paying job.

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