Python is one of the most popular programming languages right now. According to Indeed, the average Python developer salary in the US in 2020 is $118,762 per year, which grew by 15% over the last four years.

Many companies are shifting to Python programming to build web applications, analyze data, and automate operations because of its flexibility and short learning curve. In the cybersecurity field, learning Python becomes a must for any IT security professional who wants to move forward seriously in his/her career. Python has become popular among cybersecurity professionals because of the multitude of functions in this field. For instance, Python is used extensively to harvest and analyze internet data, analyze malware code, automate tasks (e.g., network scanning), and to perform many penetration testing operations. The main benefit of using Python in cybersecurity is its short learning curve, making it ideal for IT security professionals who do not possess previous programming experience.

This blog tells you where you can learn Python for free, whether you are a beginner or have little programming experience. Mostly, all of the content listed here is geared towards the beginner.

Cybrary has a Python class designed for non-coders. This class helps you understand the basics of the language and how to use it in the cybersecurity and penetration testing field.

A Byte of Python

This is a free book for teaching Python programming to beginners. This book does not assume any previous programming experience and covers Python version 2 and 3 in its exercises. You can read the book online or download a PDF version of the book.

Google's Python Class

This course is intended for people with minimal programming experience wanting to learn Python. Written materials, lecture videos support the course, and many code exercises to practice Python coding (see Figure 1).


Sololearn This is a website where you can learn many languages like C++, Javascript, HTML, and several others.

MIT OCW You can go to MIT open courseware, and this is a website where you don't need to register for anything. It's an open-source course, and MIT lecturers give all the lectures. It is recommended for complete beginners that you take the lesson titled "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming." This is a good learning website, but you just need to register and search for the Python course or any other language that you want to learn.

CodeCademy CodeCademy is also one of the better websites where you can learn the basics of Python. You can take the professional version of CodeCademy. It's a paid version where you get access to the project content.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python This is one of the websites where you can learn Python, which is for complete beginners.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python! This book provides Python developers with a practical guide to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python.


Python programming has become a must skill for any serious cybersecurity professional who wants to excel in this field. There are many functions python can do in the cybersecurity field, such as penetration testing, malware analysis, and network scanning, to name a few. This language is also much recommended because of its easy –and short-learning curves compared with other programming languages.

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