What is Metadata

Metadata provide information about other data. It is simply a description of data. Metadata contain some elements described below :

  1. Who created it and when
  2. Who last modified it and when
  3. Tags and its categories
  4. Who can access and update

Let's Get started

  • First clone in to this GitHub url " https://github.com/ChrisTruncer/Just-Metadata.git "
  • Now go to Metadata/setup directory and install by typing ./setup.sh

It should start installing dependencies

  • Now we need to create a text file and insert the IP of our victim , to do this just type cat > victim.txt then press return and input your victim's IP then close it.
  • Load the program by typing python JustMetadata.py

  • Now type Load victim.txt to load our vicitm's IP into the framework.
  • Now type list gather and it will show you all available modules for gathering info ,but we are intrested in gathering every information so type gather All to gather all information from available module.
  • It will start gathering info.
  • Its time to run analyze module against the data loaded into the framework. These modules can be used to find IP addresses that share the same SSH keys or SSL Public Key certificates, or certificate chains. They can also be used to find IP addresses used in the same callbacks by malicious executable. So type analyze All to do all analyzation.
  • It will ask you for input Like no CIDR block you want, what country you are looking for, so just type your desired ans as shown below.

  • Finally when it will gather all data about your victim just type export victim which will save all information in the tool directory for investigate it later.

Now we can take a look at the dump data for information.

So by using this methods you can gathers and analyzes metadata about IP addresses.

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