Hello, i wanted to know that how can i hack a website and gets its admin password

Further to the numerous courses here at Cybrary that will lead to foundation knowledge and designed to be used ethically, Dreamwalker does have this thread on-going: https://www.cybrary.it/forums/topic/learn-how-to-be-a-hacker-for-100-beginners - Chambo

There is no absolute and only way to hack a website. Depending on your target you may have several options. In your case I would suggest looking at the link @Chambo referred to and learn the basics first.

Good reply @cchamberlain , @grotherus . I want to post something here and hope it gets read by someone and makes a difference. To the noobs, Even if you were given the tools and step by step instructions on how to hack and deface a website, or DoS someone, or to go even farther and steal or manipulate data....UNLESS YOU CAN DO IT ANONYMOUSLY YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL. Take the time, learn about operating systems, learn about networks, learn about security, learn about defenses, learn about programming, learn about VPNs and proxys, put the time in to doing the research/training... maybe by then you'll realize what a hacker is and isn't... my thoughts ... Shoutout cybrary.it

Just to clarify this once and for all. Attacking targets without permission is illegal. Ethical hacking and penetration testing is all about having permission before launching any type of attack on a target network or system. If you do not have written permission to engage a target, leave it alone. It is not a matter of anonymity. Unless you have permission (which should be in writing), it is illegal to try and hack networks and systems.

how can i keep a website fast and free in my pc when it very down?

@nahid most browsers will have some kind of "save offline" thingie built in. A more fun thing to do would be to write a program that reads a page, saves it, follows every link and does the same for those pages. I would build in some way of saying "enough is enough" though (perhaps check if the links are still in the same domain, or only follow links a couple of times down or something) or your program or script might try to download the entire web which could lead to some minor storage issues :P

@chambo. Nice link, man..,

Good points on staying anonymous. I think the best thing to do is hack your own sites, emails and passwords etc.

@ActionJackson hacking someone or something is illegal so please dont do anything without owner permission now your question answer: there are many ways you can break into a website or a server etc... you can use XSS (its a very common vulnerability, even companies like google, facebook, ebay, amazon, paypal etc.. have XSS) you can use SQLI (second most common vulnerability ) you can brute force your target you can use phishing,social engineering,you can use exploits,you can buy 0days, you can use symlink etc.... there are many more things you can do i suggest you to learn from basic else u will become a script kiddie :(

@nahid there are tools to clone a website it will close whole website for offline usage

i have to change the content of the website

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