i just wanted to hack my friends account as they ask me to hack if i can s o pliss can someone help me

Get somethimg in writing from your friend that spells out exactly what you are permitted to do. And 2nd check out Facebooks policies regarding that. I dont believe hacking someones account, even with permission, meets the criteria for a bug bounty and probably violates the end user agreement. I dont think you're going to find your answer here.

Hacking your friends Facebook account has really nothing to do with a penetration test unless it was ordered by Facebook staff which it does not seem to be in this case. As for Bug Bounty, you can read their policy at the following url> https://www.facebook.com/whitehat

i just wanted to hack my friends account as they ask me to hack if i can s o pliss can someone help me

try phishing or keylogger. it will help you.

you should have good knowledge regarding phishing and if you know how to utilize a keylogger. Dont try those fake softwares that are out there in the market and says Facebook hacking tools., in turn those will hack you. Be creative.

Well, you could start gathering as much information about them as possible or you could always use a keylogger on your machine and social engineer him to actual use your computer to login, this is not actual hacking since you aren't breaking into any thing but in another situation you are tricking him and just capture the keystrokes on the keyboard. Another thing could be looking over hes shoulders and remember the each letter or number whenever I press a key, this can take time and you need to use your brain a lot for that. But, there is multiple methods but of course it has to be through social engineering, keyloggers, phishers, looking over shoulders, bruteforces.... anything that can come to your advantage. Cheers,


wow hack facebook account ???

have success with MITM in the past

This form is suppose to be about prevention not how to. Am I wrong?

phishing and Man-in-The-Middle attack is the popular way of hacking facebook if the victim and you are on the same LAN the work is much easier try Cain and Abea

I think this type of kiddish topic should not be entertained. rather a general awareness should be spread about password, account privacy, 2 way authentication, shoulrder surfing, phishing, social engineering etc. What is Facebook's fault if a user is having password as 123456 ? What is facebook's fault if the user is using public machine and didn't logout? (no 2 way authentication enabled even) Instead of hacked, its basically cracked due to either victim's stupidity or attacker's clever(shrewed) techniques. A good hacker( computer expert) don't entertain such things.

Oh! can that be possible??

If this is possible please tell me.

Hmm I don't know if that is possible !! Hack a Facebook account ???

i just wanted to hack my friends account as they ask me to hack if i can s o pliss can someone help me

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