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WPS Bugs On Rouers WiFi For Android

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January 1, 2016

WPS Bugs is no new bu is important to so many ways firs of all For android Smart Phones we need o access Root Download the App For making Root Access its 80% automate Program but after download it click on screen and make Root If you Want to Revers this Progress just Download Anti Root Apps then Download the in Google app store its very Important to Download BB and Install it there are so many of BB and different kind of It its better to choose which one that have more good rating Install BB and wait for Complete then Download or or its half of the ways done Install them after that open some of them and Scan For WiFi s near your AP You see One Check box that Wrote All Networks If its Active its help you to see which AP haven't WPS bugs and he AP with this Bugs show in Blue line in end of them Click On them Choose Root Method then choose Custom PIN Or The PIN that Application Give it to you itself you choose then wait for some min its very easy but should have more free time test and test and Change location of Your Device hen test you can see after some min you can BrockenAll he AP hat have this bugs its tested i have Images of his Apps and PAsswords that Extracted with them after i Crack there Passwords with others Network Apps Scan he Ips In Range of WiFi IP To Find Router Ip Address then Other Devices if you can access to router its better to Crack the Router passwword like this done with Hydra To Crack Pass Of Router why ??? Cazz if you Access the router you can change the Admin login of router password or Earze the Loggs Files you can make MAC Filter for your device Connection or you can Make Harder ways to Find out that Router was HACKED if AP have MAC filter You need to first change your Android Device to AP MAC With Mac Spoofing App that is in Google Play Store too if AP Have Hide SSID you can Download WiFi Signal Tracker too to Extract Hide SSID Signals and Channels this topic most work on TP-Link Devices D-Link Zyxcell Cisco and Other American China s Devices WPS and WDS is not same Please carefully do it its noise is very for more ranking you can ADD an Out Device WiFi antenna in 2.4Ghz Or 5Ghz i Suj 2.4Ghz more than 25dpm you can make it your self too watch it in have fun guys dont forget to help me to improve my topics with you Sujes Have Fun time RegMaard Awesome []('m,x0jiqw9qsWGR9E `12345670 alright cool!
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