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Windows Privilege Escalation

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January 1, 2016

Windows Privilege Escalation Fundamentals: Enjoy!!! Windows Privilege Escalation - a cheatsheet Enjoy!!! Basic Windows Privilege Escalation Enjoy!!! windows privilege escalation via weak service permissions Enjoy!!! Hot Potato – Windows Privilege Escalation Privilege Escalation on Windows 7,8,10, Server 2008, Server 2012 … and a new network attack Enjoy!!!! This help us to automate this work: Standalone Executable to Check for Simple Privilege Escalation Vectors on Windows Systems **windows-privesc-check**: Enjoy!!! This is another tool for this work: This tool compares a targets patch levels against the Microsoft vulnerability database in order to detect potential missing patches on the target. It also notifies the user if there are public exploits and Metasploit modules available for the missing bulletins. **Windows-Exploit-Suggester**: Enjoy!!!
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