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Windows 7 ISO For Virtual Box

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January 1, 2016

I am having a hard time finding a link for this...I looked all over and found nothing that helps. Cannot get the VM set up for this course. Cheers, There's two issues regarding your problem. (That's a joke: a problem with a problem) - If you are trying to obtain a *legitimate* ISO of Windows, you'll be having a hard time finding one without buying another copy altogether. - Most copies of Windows come on DVD. In this case, if you can borrow a copy from a friend (A legitimate copy, mind you) or if you have even an old copy of Windows around (If you built your PC or if someone built one for you, you should have an installation disk), you can specify during the setup to load the Virtual Machine's ISO from your computer's Disk Drive. Otherwise, I think you're outta luck. If you want the closest look-alike to Windows, the process may be different (and therefore more involved, sorry!) however, the ISOs are free; Linux alternatives may be your best bet, and a good introduction immediately into *Linux +* . Personally, your best alternatives (IF you can't get the Windows DVD or ISO) would be between [Q4OS](, which is a Debian Variant using KDE to look the closest to Windows; [Zorin OS](, which uses a custom Desktop to adapt to your most familiar computing setup; or [React OS](, which is the closest thing to Windows without breaking Microsoft EULA licenses, but be warned it's not perfect. BUT: If you're using Windows 10, you can download the USB Media Maker directly from [Microsoft's Website]( to collect a Windows 10 ISO (Or a Windows 10-ready USB). Of course, **this only works if you are using Windows 10**. I haven't completely run though the Vitualbox section in A+ yet, but this should be sufficient. Hope this helped!Check this topic [Cybrary Topic]( Thanks !
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