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Why Do You Say Is Free And I Can See Where You Are Asking To Pay To Get An App?

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January 1, 2016

Why do you ask we pay and it's free? Can you explain which is Free and which is not? Why do you ask we pay and it's free? Can you explain which is Free and which is not? Hi [@moses2022](, If you read it correctly, Cybrary does not charge for access to all our learning courses or our huge knowledge-base (0P3N). If you wish to buy badges and digital certificates; which state you have completed these free courses you can, at any time, with "Cybytes". Digital Certificates are: 25 Cybytes Site Badges are: 15 Cybytes So, all you need is 40 Cybytes to buy the complete set for any video tutorial course. Cybrary uses its own eCurrency, namely "Cybytes" - you'll find you can earn many per day. **Cybytes Explained**================= Completing learning courses allow you to pick up many "Cybytes", the amount will vary on the course you complete. Logging in each day will also earn you "Cybytes". If you see an interesting article in "Cybrary|0P3N", you can gain up to 5 per day. Others you will find on the front page of the website, like completing 3 modules of any course in a day, etc. If you complete all tasks in a day, you will receive a bonus "10-Cybytes". If you attend Talos or CISCO Webinars, again you will earn 10 Cybytes, a site-badge and a digital certificate which is also Free. All the above is free to gain, including digital certificates which are also printable. Anything that is paid for, will be services like our Virtual Labs, Micro Skill tests or Completing Full Exams which are based on what you learn from the Free courses I previously mentioned. So, as you can see a lot is free on Cybrary! Regards, @B14Ck0R4C13
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