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Who Are Script Kiddies?

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January 1, 2016

Hello. Skimming through a blog, was a post saying "For all you script kiddies out there who want to hack a fb account" and attached a packet sniffer. The question is Who are script kiddies? Are they ones who can only run apps? Or those who can't code them? I mean do I have to know to code a vulnerability scanner to stop being one? I have a solid foundation in Java(Buffered readers, methods, inheritance, collections,...) and basically use it for computational purposes. Yet would not knowing to code penetration testing software make me a script kiddie?How can I not be one? Thank you. Script kiddy would be a person who does not have the knowledge on how an exploit is designed and run it cause it is designed to exploit a vulnerability. To stop being a script Kiddy, follw as directed or feel free to change it as per your need Step 1.a) [Python for Security Professionals]( 1.b) [Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking]( 2) [Post Exploitation Hacking]( 3) [Advanced Penetration Testing]( the courses have the own reading material will be help you become a Ninja in Security. **Note:** Courses are here to guide you to an excellent start, becoming a Ninja is all on your hard work and testing your skills in a > Ethical manner..Cheers I think one of the best examples of script kiddies can be found in [this IRC chat log]( Always makes me chuckle. Thank you Saint-DarrenGray. mr\_clark: Epic :') +1 to that answer on how to get beyond script Kiddie. @mr\_clark thank you for that personally I'm fond of this video on [Tracer T]( []( contains quite a few gems as well @Houssam7111 sorry for hijacking your thread like that but basically a script kiddie is someone who uses a tool without know how it works, or perhaps even without knowing what it does. Thank you @Koert Koert...thanks for that youtube video. I forgot about that one. unskilled individual who uses scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks, and deface websites. Thanks for sharing that IRC chat log mr\_clark! A script kiddy is someone who run software without knowing how it works technically. Funny link Mr. Clark !
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