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Where To Find Cisco Packet Tracer Sample Used To CCNA Course?

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January 1, 2016

I wonder if it is possible to downloaded Cisco Packet Tracer sample of network used for CCNA course? hii You would have to download Packet Tracer, then create the network as you see it in the course. Will give you plenty of practice in setting it up and troubleshooting any issues. You can download in link: there's a newer version on the cisco netwok academy the 6.2 its on android,windows and linux Hello guys, This is the latest cisco packet tracer 6.2 version and also a free lab for practice download and enjoy your work Thanks Hello, Is anyone here can anybody tell me about online practice lab of ccna Hi everybody, @janzacz as @KingKoopa mentioned is a good practice to create the lab yourself. But if you are interested I can send to you the lab I created, just let me know Bye. @mohibullah please open a new thread @RobertONE I would be very grateful if you could send that lab to me too. Thanks! Sure @kingbacon send me a PM with your email address go to and type download packet tracer....... Hi Kevin ... I think he's looking for Sample PKT files, not PacketTracer executables :-) o I tthink u might get from someone who is taking class or institute @MKP.... Thanks man. have ever tried GNS3 app I have tried GNS3 but I think CISCO Packet Tracer is much easier to use Packet tracer is a very limited software. If u want improve your skill i suggest you gns3 or iouweb . try just to google packet Tracer is network simulator developed by cisco. to get apcket tracer you have to register to cisco Network academe and the resources are limited. instead of packet tracer you go through the GNS3, its a advance network simulator and simulate through various cisco ios versions. link of GNS3 If you can find a cheap boot camp class, they can give you access to a lot of labs and scenario's to test and play in. I was lucky to find one in my area for $75 since it was their first ever class. ***Thanks*** Hello you can try this. RobertOne could you send me your lab please? Sure @janzacz, send me your email address use gns3 just pay attention to the slight variance in command syntax. @robertone helped me, thanks again man! My pleasure @wraiith1, Keep studying and let me know if you need more help
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