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What Programming Languages Should A Hacker Learn?

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January 1, 2016

What programming languages should a hacker learn? and to become a C|EH. I've read a lot of hackers learn python, javascript and HTML, javascript and HTML for web attacks and python for scripting I'm personally learning Python first because its a good intro language CEH is a multiple choice test. I do not have the certification, but I think that you do not need programming skills for this. In general, I would say definetly BASH scripting and Python should be learned. Maybe some Perl as well. thank you! Python, SQL as well if you pentesting SQL injection. learn python, C language, SQL and java script the most important is learn also bash scripting by mastering the unix/linux commands. If youre looking for some all around language skills, python, perl and ruby are good to know, because a lot of exploits for systems are written in those languages (metasploit is built on ruby). At a minimum, knowing how to change the payload to your own shellcode is a must, but the more you know, the easier things become. Most things are web-driven, so knowing some javascript or php will also go a long way in attacks against web services.
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