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What Other Courses To Take For Sec+ CE Credits?

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January 1, 2016

I just finished the Security+ class, but I still need about 15 more credits to renew my Sec+. Which classes would be best to take? I really liked the Cybrary Cryptography course. In fact, I used that course as part of my studies for passing the Security+ exam. The Cryptography course here is about 3 hours long and good for 3 CEUs. If it is anything like CISSP, you can also write a Whitepaper, teach a class, write a book or work a certain amount of hours in Security. Potentially Cybrary courses could count. Thanks, I did the Cryptography course. Still need a good 12 hrs though. Any other course recommendations? I haven't actually completed any of the other courses here on Cybrary to make any specific course recommendations. Just the Security+ and Cryptography on here for me personally. I am just now beginning to log CEU credits towards my Security+ renewal down the line since just becoming Security+ certified about two weeks ago. Hopefully somebody else will comment with some specific course recommendations based on their own training experiences... It looks like just about any of the Information Security specific courses on Cybrary would qualify so long as the topics covered span one or more of the bullet points in the [Security+ objectives]( list. Fortunately the breadth of topics and subjects contained within the SYO-401 objectives (10 pages worth of mostly bullet point items in the current 18 page PDF from CompTIA) are so vast that you should have little trouble picking a qualifying course of interest on here. Outside of Cybrary, I also have access to a huge library of Skillsoft courses through my paid ACM membership. Both CompTIA and Skillsoft maintain lists of CompTIA CEU bearing pre-approved Skillsoft courses, which helps eliminate guess work. The CompTIA list is more up to date and the better quick reference document. The Skillsoft list is more comprehensive and actually shows the number of credited hours per course, which is extremely helpful. CompTIA: []( [\_CEU\_listing.xlsx]( are also a good number of security webinars happening on a frequent basis at various sites. Some of those provide CEU / CPE certificates for attending. I attended a free SANS webinar yesterday that provided me with a downloadable certificate after the webinar. Beyond CompTIA's own documentation, I've found a number of sites for suggestions on earning CPE credits for security certification renewals. I found one specifically towards Security+ renewal here: []( The video and article there provide excellent suggestions for earning Security+ CEUs for free. Beyond that just pay attention to the Max CEUs per each activity. Best of luck in your Security+ renewal efforts!
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