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What Is Ideal Exploit To Exploit Pure-FTPd FTP Server?

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January 1, 2016

Hello. Here are below the result received after scanning the web application: ```Nmap: PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION [*] Nmap: 21/tcp open ftp Pure-FTPd``` **I wonder if anyone know of a great Exploit to operate the FTP server (Pure-FTPd) found above open when scanning with Nmap? What Exploit can you advise me please who can help me to operate the FTP server (Pure-FTPd) open ??? Thank you to answer me please.Check if there is an 'Anonymous' account open A quick search in the exploit database makes for two possibilities, see the following link:\_author= As always, make sure you have permission to attack the target before doing so. you can try []( You also need to know the version (-A) of the service you want to exploit in order to know if you can exploit a vulnerability. You could compare the result of Nmap with Online/Offline Exploit Database. Other ways are missconfiguration. and you can figure it out with a good Vulnerability Web Scanner. If you want to know more in deep about how it works, you can see this documents i'm creating and posting to my Github Account. i'm actually working with new version of this docs, to upload in a few days. Regards. we can not hacked it**
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