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Want To See My Test Answers???

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January 1, 2016

Can someone tell me how can i see what answers I got right and wrong on my tests? I cant find that option anywhere. Im baffled because I got 73% TWICE on two different tests, and I am pretty sure I didn't miss any answers on the second one. So if someone can point me to the right place to review my answers I'd appreciate it. Thanks. I don't think it is possible to see your answers after you submit a test. If you could, then people would be able to post the questions/answers online which would devalue the tests. A person can do that anyway - say someone who gets 100% on the test records themselves taking the test. There's your answers right there. And where are they going to post their answers anyway - here? That makes no sense. Besides that - these tests should be refreshed and randomized enough so people can't really do that. Having everybody take the same exact test every time is bad, and would make the whole system untrustworthy to say the least. Just like a real world test situation, we should be able to review what we got wrong so we can go back and correct that deficiency - or make sure that the test is giving our accurate cores (no errors). There's no way to know what the problem is or to challenge the test this way. []( 5. I too would like an answer to this. It's frustrating to get all the way through a test and miss something, even if you pass, and you have no way of knowing what you got wrong. I mean... what good does it do me to have these certifications not knowing how or where to correct my errors? Short of a 100% score, this is a problem. [](
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