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VPN For Linux

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January 1, 2016

Hello, can anyone recommend me a VPN or VPN tunnel (i still dont know the difference) for linux system. Please I'm looking for something other than Tor (the VPN will be used along-side tor to channel tor's traffic). Yes I want to go deep underground :P :D Regards. You can start with one of these --> Linux or Windows doesn´t matter as long a you can download a config (.ovpn per default). This one is for free --> VPNBook looks good. But they explicitly state that Hacking etc. are strictly prohibited :P Not interested in the paid ones though! Please could you explain better what do you mean when you say "deep underground"? Do you mean you want to enter deep internet? > Please could you explain better what do you mean when you say “deep underground”? Do you mean you want to enter deep internet? nope that line was just a joke. My point was to completely cover my track (tor is no longer safe you know). I know i can visit deep web via tor or I2P. I use a paid service called Private Internet Access. They have a nice App for it that's in Beta for Ubuntu and works well in MINT. They also have many Exit servers around the world giving you more options to dodge information locked to specific countries. I think Tor is fairly secure, but you have to be careful with it or you lose your anonymity. Your Welcome :) > Your Welcome :) now that what I'm looking for :D Disable IPv6 on your devics that r using a VPN provider. Dont leak info because of flaws. [IPv6 data leakage explained and remidation]( Great shares @DOjo and @The\_Chosen\_One I am looking into those expressVpn isn't bad as long as you arent in China. do you want a vpn account somewhere, or do you want to setup your own vpn server? for the latter, openvpn might be an option vpn and tor are very different things btw @koert I just want to channel my tor traffic through a VPN service as added security measure. tor alone is not sufficient now-a-days @darkangel4 If you have a fixed ip (or something like dyndns) and your traffic speed/limits allow it, you can set up a vpn server at home with, for example, openvpn. The openvpn part is pretty straightforward. Creating the security keys can be a little more complicated, using easy-rsa it's not that complicated either. Also, don't forget to setup a route on your router, if applicable. thanks i'll look into it I bought Express VPN on official website, everything worked well in China. I found good reviews for different VPNs here **[](** Are they working in China, or, maybe it depends on city you are in, I tried it only in Guangzhou.
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