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VPN For Kodi

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January 1, 2016

I am a little confused on how to use a VPN on Kodi. If I wanted to use kodi vpn, how do I enable it? u can ask the vpn support Which vpn support? Are you saying you want to connect to a VPN to stream things and not have your traffic monitored by your ISP or see what you're downloading? First question - Do you have a VPN service you subscribe to already? The setup all depends on how your network is configured. You could set up the VPN client on your router/firewall and have all your traffic go through VPN. Or you could install a VPN client on your KODI box so only its traffic would go through VPN. WOW!!! [@gptodd](, mega money - £250,000 for fully-loaded KODI... Wonder where they advertised them! Not as bad as the guy that opened 2 shops with massive banners on the front windows stating "PAY NO MORE SUBSCRIPTIONS TO SKY OR VIRGINMEDIA - IT'S ALL FREE" - ;) Some people I just wonder about! I was trying to get help for setting up kodi with Windows. Read a lot of Tech-blogs on TechCrunch, PcMag or LifeHacker for this purpose but couldn't find anything helpful there. Went to a friends place this Friday and he helped me with these links and after going through these setup hacks I was good to go with kodi on Windows. & were very helpful. People should write more about these setups thingys on PcMag & lifeHacker platform too And I also came to know that vpn service with kodi can Unblock geo-restricted live TV for US, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia etc. On that BBC article, that guy made 250k pound for selling fully-loaded kodi boxes!?!? So this law is for UK people only right? What about people living in Eastern Europe side? @Bl4Ck0r4Cle Your comment cracked me up! @BH youtube has thousands of kodi how-to'll have to research laws governing the EE Hi [@Ben Harley](, I laughed at that guy opening shops selling free tv subscriptions. Here in the UK you can buy any device with Kodi installed on it, this is completely legal. Kodi is a media player, so it's fine to play your own material. However, once you add any 3rd party add-on that allows streaming content via IPTV and webservers carrying the latest movies then it is nolonger classed as legal and becomes an illegal device. As for VPN's, I doubt you'll find a free service on the internet, and even though they say they are private - if a court asked them to release their customers via an order, they would have to hand over all your details. There is always the Opera browser which has a VPN built-in, but not recommended due to high bandwidth you would clock up. I don't know you as such, but there are ways around using Kodi with a VPN at router level (this is the highest you can go). There are a number of ways of building the VPN, with an old PC or buy a Raspberry Pi v3 Model B mini-computer - I picked mine up for £35, I haven't tried building a VPN from it - but the details are online, and even the main magazine for the Raspberry Pi, called MagPi. I did actually post the URL to these magazines online in PDF format (I just used a 'dork' on Google to find them!), I got every monthly issue. If you want to go with the Raspberry Pi, I can send you the details on it all. Regards, Sure! Give me RBp details too! Yes @8lack0racl3, I have purchased vpn. Opera VPN was not suitable for this purpose. Wanted to go for free ones but the features were very limited. So opted for paid one. Well all these days I have enjoyed Kodi with vpn watching movies and shows! I found this blog, which tells a guide how to use a VPN with Kodi. I hope people would benefit with it here. I have been through with my kodi and easily using with a vpn. Buddy Express, pia are decent VPNs that work in 2017, but if you want to use [free VPN for Kodi](, so I recommend VPN. Best thing of VPN is it is easy to install:-) Why do you need a VPN? @owenc ...cause some of the content is block by US ISP now. So need a VPN from a different country to get around it. I know cause i had the same problem but now use a VPN to unlock alot of features that Kodi uses. Plus it protect you from copyright stuff as well. Yeah this is exactly why people use VPNs with kodi these days Installation of VPN on Kodi is not a big deal you must follow the steps and your job will be done. However, as you haven't mentioned your device on which you are using Kodi. It is very important to know that what device you are using in order to suggest you the step by step guide. However, I can suggest you a guide about [How To Install VPN On Kodi]( it will take your efforts to find out the steps based on your sophisticated device. Hope it helps! Popular streaming channels such as BBC iPlayer, iTV, ESPN, etc., are geo-restricted and only available in their designated regions. To watch them online on Kodi, you need to bypass all geo-blocks, and for that a [Kodi VPN]( is must.
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